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Slip and fall are one of the most common causes of injury. You may be walking down the aisle of a supermarket, or a driveway or going up the stairs of a private property and all of a student you slip and fall on a substance / hazardous condition that you had not noticed. These are all common situations that could result in a serious slip and fall accident resulting in significant injury.

What to Know About Slip and Fall Accidents in California

How a Slip and Fall Accident Can Occur

Any surface that is wet, uneven, or poorly lit may create a slipping hazard. Because these types of obstacles can be found just about anywhere, slips and falls are one of the most common types of injury-causing accidents. What’s more, slip and fall injuries can be quite severe, especially if the fall is from a height.

Sometimes, these dangerous conditions are the result of a third party’s negligence. If a property owner or manager is responsible for a hazard that caused a slip and fall accident, the injured person may be able to sue the property owner for damages.

Property Owner Obligations

A property owner has an obligation to keep their premises free of hazards and defects that could cause a slip and fall that results in injury. When a victim encounters a hazardous condition or defect, their safety at risk and more often than not the resulting injuries are serious.

Grocery store operators have an obligation to ensure that the floors are not wet and that it doesn’t have items on which a patron could slip or fall. While this is the duty under the law, the store owner does not always adhere to this duty which result in serious injuries. 

In fact, many operators are obligated to sweep the isles and clean up any hazardous substances and when they fail to do so they could be found negligent and liable for your slip and fall injuries.

If you have been injured in a fall, an experienced Glendale slip and fall attorney will help you understand your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.

What to Do If You Are Injured in a Fall

If you are injured in a fall, taking the following steps will ensure the best possible legal outcome:

  1. Notify the responsible party. This may include completing an incident form or other documentation. Often times establishments will provide an incident form to document your slip and fall injury and will preserve any objects or findings from the scene.
  2. Get the names and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed the fall.
  3. Take photos of the conditions that caused the fall.
  4. Document the required medical treatments, including costs, time away from work, lost income, and any anticipated future treatments. To prove that the property owner was at fault, expert testimony is needed. For example, if a visitor fell in a grocery store, we would have an engineer test the floors and determine how slippery the floors are with and without substances on them.
  5. Get legal assistance from an experienced slip and fall attorney to make sure you are recovering from your slip and fall accident.

Other important things to obtain include:

  1. Getting the names and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed the fall.
  2. Name of the store manager as well as the supervisor on duty.
  3. Documentation of any medical treatment, including costs, time away from work, and the amount of treatment needed in the future.

Premises Liability vs. Slip and Fall

Premises liability is a broad category under which slip and fall accidents are placed. The various injuries that are sustained on another’s property include trip and fall, slip and fall, and other property hazards that could cause injuries:

  1. Broken locks
  2. Sidewalk defects
  3. Obstacles that could cause someone to trip

Consider how likely these hazards are to cause a slip or a fall:

Fortunately, California law requires companies, cities, counties, and the state to maintain their premises so that they do not pose dangers such as these to the public. This responsibility is known as premises liability, and it helps ensure that public spaces are reasonably safe to use and travel through.

If a business or entity is negligent in its maintenance and an injury occurs on its property, it can be held responsible. In order to determine premises liability, a slip and fall accident lawyer must prove that:

It is important to note that the injured person also has a responsibility to avoid obvious dangers.

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Comparative Negligence in California

When you file a slip and fall lawsuit, the property owner may argue that you share some fault for the accident. Possible arguments include:

If any of these are true, the court may assign partial fault to you, which will impact the how much money you can claim. For example, if the judge decides you are 50% at fault for the accident, you will only be awarded half of the damages you are seeking. This means only half of your medical bills, half of your lost income, and half of your pain and suffering.

For this reason, it is very important to work with a Glendale slip and fall lawyer who is experienced with comparative negligence law. The attorneys at Megeredchian Law will advocate tirelessly for your rights and financial future.

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Why You Need an Experienced Slip & Fall Attorney

Slip and fall cases require a solid understanding of construction and city codes to determine whether the establishment you were at properly adhered to those regulations and guidelines.

For example, some codes may require railings to be provided to keep people from falling and will specify what type of railing must be used. Moreover, retail establishments are required to sweep their isles and areas to make sure substances and other objects and spills are adequately cleaned up with proper signs.

Therefore having an experienced slip and fall attorney to assist you with your slip and fall accident can make all the difference in proving liability and getting the compensation you deserve.

Slip and fall cases can be convoluted. Most of the time it requires experts that understand the different aspects of the case including the property condition standards and how they can maintain a safe environment for their customers. 

As experienced slip and fall attorneys, we are here to help you get the compensation and care you deserve. Contact us or give us a call today at (888) 243-2050 so that we can evaluate your case for free.

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