About Us

About Us

Why Hire Us?

Our clients are not just “clients,” we treat everyone like family with compassion and the utmost care. There are many reasons to hire us to handle your serious personal injury claim. Here are a few to consider:

Direct Access to Attorney

Your Attorney is always available and you have direct access to speak with them. This means no middle person, you won’t need to leave a message, no secretary, paralegals, etc. You get a personal direct line straight to the attorney.

Available 24 hours, 7 days a week

When people read this they think there is no way that they call at 8:00 pm and the attorney picks up the phone, well guess again! After hours the phone is transferred to your attorney’s cell phone and you can access him anytime, even Sundays..

Personal Attention

We make sure you always know what is going on with your file. Other law firms usually handle hundreds of cases at a time and generally, the attorney and staff members forget to update clients on their files.

Our firm will never need to look up your case. You are always assigned only one case manager that is familiar with your file at all times and can update you right away when you call.

Keeping Clients Informed

We pride ourselves on updating our clients every step of the way. You will get emails, calls, and even text messages from us checking in on your treatments and giving you updates on your case..


We hire the best staff to make sure that your representation is the best of the best. Our attorney(s) also have significant experience and expertise in this area of law and can help maximize your compensation.

Quality Outcome

Our history speaks for itself. Our motto is RESULTS MATTER! We live up to those words and make sure our clients are satisfied and get the compensation and care they deserve.


We have one of the largest networks of experts when it comes to expert witnesses for litigation or doctors for your treatment and car. Our network allows us to refer you to the best providers and caretakers. Moreover, in litigation having the best experts will drive results in your favor. Contact us or call us now at (888) 243-2050. You may also submit an online contact form and we will get back to you within the hour.

1.2 Million

Drunk driver head-on collision with our client resulted in a broken clavicle and dextral face nerve damage.

1 Million

Client spent 3 days in the ICU after he was rear-ended off-road and into the ditch.


Client spent 3 days in the ICU after he was rear-ended off-road and into the ditch. They had no broken bones.


Client had a mild brain surgery after lane-splitting with their motorcycle and colliding with a vehicle making abrupt lane change.

Record Breaking Settlements

From a $1.2 million settlement for a head-on collision case to $1 million for a rear-end car accident case, Megeredchian Law results are among the best in California State. We know exactly how much your car accident claim is worth and we never settle for less. This is how we choose to represent your concerns every day- with passion, persistence, and excellence- ensuring that from us you only get the BEST RESULTS!



Trusted by 100s
of California injury victims

Results Matter!

We are selective about the volume of cases and the type of cases we undertake. This ensures our client’s case gets the attention it needs so results are achieved. Big firms with big case volumes means your case gets lost with the thousand others. Results matter, experience the difference by retaining our firm and let us exceed your expectations.

Our clients are not just “clients,” we treat everyone like family with compassion and the utmost care.

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