Uber Passenger Accident Attorneys

Uber Passenger Accident Attorney

Uber Passenger Accident Attorneys

 If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber rideshare accident, get in touch with our experienced accident attorneys today.

Although Uber has been one of the most important apps that have changed the way we see rideshare programs, there has still been an increase in accidents caused by rideshare vehicles. Uber has made traveling from one place to another very convenient. It has also sparked competition with other platforms, such as Lyft. If a passenger wants to get somewhere, all they need to do is pull up their phone and insert the end address. In order to be a driver for Uber, there is an extensive background check that they must pass. Regardless of the different safety measures that have been put in place, accidents are still bound to happen.

In California, those who have been injured in a rideshare accident have the right to file a lawsuit against liable parties to seek compensation for their injuries. Although DUI accidents have decreased since Uber, Uber still accounts for several negligent car accidents that occur on the roads, especially in cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

Contact our top rated rideshare attorneys today for a free no risk consultation to determine how much you could recover in compensation, and how to hold the liable parties responsible for their actions. During this case evaluation, we will review your complex Uber claim, and determine the next legal steps to take. Usually, Uber accidents could be very complex since there are multiple parties involved. That is why hiring a top-rated car accident attorney is important for your case.

What happens if you crash while in an Uber?

 If you were a passenger in an Uber vehicle when the Uber crashed, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries suffered. You could hold both the Uber driver, along with Uber responsible for your accident.

Is Uber held liable for accidents?

Under a vicarious liability legal theory, Uber will be held responsible for their drivers negligent actions. But, the driver must have been on the clock when the accident occurred. For example, when the accident occurred when the Uber driver was on break, then Uber will most likely not be held liable for the driver’s negligent actions.

How much is my Uber accident case worth?

No attorney will be able to give you a straightforward answer on how much your Uber accident case is worth unless you have come in for a case evaluation. During this case evaluation, we will determine the compensation needed. In order to determine the compensation that the injured party may receive, we take a look at several factors, including:

  • The severity of the injuries
  • The severity of the accident
  • Other parties involved in the accident
  • Whether the Uber driver was on the clock during the accident
What type of compensation could I receive for my Uber accident claim?

In order to recover financial compensation, the injured victim must suffer actual damages. For example, if  the injured victim claims they have suffered emotional trauma, there needs to be some type of physical Injuries. Examples of damages you could potentially recovery include:

  • Medical care: this refers to the hospital stay, and other ambulance services
  • Prescription medication
  • Surgeries
  • Future rehabilitative services
  •       Past lost wages
  •       Future earning capacity
  •       Property damage
  •       Emotional distress
  •       Pain and suffering
Uber Accident and Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one in an Uber accident, you have the ability to file a wrongful death legal claim against Uber and other negligent parties involved. Wrongful death is a legal claim filed by immediate family members who wish to seek compensation for the deceased. Examples of compensation include funeral expenses, and lost income.

Who is liable in an Uber accident?

California laws allow liability for Uber in personal injury lawsuits. Under California’s recent passage of AB 5, rideshare programs are now vulnerable to several personal injury lawsuits that may be filed against them. The different parties that could be liable include:

  • Uber driver: in California, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the Uber driver. In order to prove that the Uber driver was negligent, your attorney will have to show that the driver had a duty to drive in a reasonably safe manner, breached that duty, and because of that breach the injured party now suffers injuries. Keep in mind that when filing a lawsuit just against the Uber driver, the amount of compensation will be very limited.
  • Uber
  • Other drivers on the road: sometimes, accidents are not only caused by the Uber driver itself, but by other cars on the road. You could name both the Uber driver and the third party responsible for your car accident within the same claim.
  • Pedestrians
  • Government entity
California Uber Laws

 In California, Uber is required to have insurance for those who may be injured in an accident. The specific type of insurance depends on the circumstances of the accident and the time when the accident took place. There are several different types of categories that Uber insurance uses to determine the insurance payouts. They are categorized as periods:

  • Period 1: This refers to the time when the driver is logged into the app and is waiting for a potential customer to schedule a trip. If an accident were to happen during this point, then the driver’s personal insurance will possibly cover accidents.
  • Period 2: During this time, the Uber driver accepts the driving request and is on their way to pick up the passenger. If an accident were to happen during this time, then Uber will most likely be held liable since the employee is on the clock.
  • Period 3: During this time, the driver has now picked up the passenger and is en route to the passenger’s end directions. If an accident were to happen during this time, then Uber will most likely be held liable and their insurance policy will cover the accident damage.
How much do our Uber accident attorneys cost?

Our experienced car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that you do not have to pay for our attorneys upfront unless we win a settlement or judgment in your favor. We understand that after going through such a traumatic and scary experience like an Uber accident, many may not have the financial resources necessary to hire an accident attorney. Contingency fees allow us to front all the costs for your claims upfront, while you focus on your injuries.

Why should I hire an Uber accident lawyer?

If you are not represented by an attorney, many companies such as Uber and the insurance companies try to take advantage of you and offer very low settlement offers. Our car accident attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies to make sure that you get the fair compensation you deserve. It could be very difficult to navigate through a complex legal claim alone.

What will our Uber accident attorneys do?
  • Determine liability: by gathering as much evidence as possible, we will determine the cause of your accident and the potential liable parties. Once we determine why the accident happened, we will then be able to pursue legal claims against the relevant parties.
  • Determine the amount of compensation you could receive from the at-fault parties
  • Protect you from insurance companies
  • Communicate and negotiate with insurance companies
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 Our Uber accident attorneys offer individualized attention for each of our clients because we understand that each case is different. Call us for a free appointment.

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