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All different types of accidents, such as car accidents, bicycle accidents, or motorcycle accidents, could lead to severe injuries. Severe injuries are those that are not considered temporary and could impact a victim’s life forever. Amputation injuries are unfortunately common in car accidents that occur in Fresno. Amputation injuries are injuries that will require partial or complete removal of a limb.

Amputations are needed after a victim goes through severe trauma, or has complications from injuries such as infections.

Fresno County has one of the state’s highest rates in amputation. The overall amputation rate is around 0.31 per 1,000 people. Although this number may seem minimal,  this is a very high number compared to statistics from other counties. This takes into account medical amputations and traumatic amputations.

What are the different types of amputation injuries?

There are two types of amputation injuries.

  • Traumatic amputations are those that result from an accident and occur after abrupt trauma to the body. For example, a severe collision with another vehicle could result in abrupt force to a victim’s arm or leg. The force could be so powerful that amputation may be necessary. This is the type of amputation that is associated with personal injury lawsuits.

  • Surgical amputations are those that result from diseases, such as diabetes. Surgical amputations will require surgery to remove the limb.

Pain and Suffering Compensation

Traumatic amputations are very difficult for an accident victim to go through because of the quick change in circumstances. One minute a victim could be driving, and the next minute they could have their entire limb amputated. Not only will this result in great physical distress, but it also takes a large emotional toll on the victim. A type of compensation that a victim could recover in an accident is emotional distress.

As the injured will have to live with this new circumstance for the rest of their life, they could be met with anxiety, depression, along with insecurities. Pain and suffering take into consideration the emotional process involved with the entire injury experience.

Immediately after the amputation, the accident victim may go through extreme pain, along with the numbness of the amputated limb. This numbness could lead to feelings of loss and a loss of identity.

The months, even years after an amputation could also take a very large toll. Not only will the victim have to live with their new life, but will also need assistance from their family and friends at home. This is a very challenging process, and the court allows accident victims to recover compensation for this emotional distress.

Could I file a lawsuit for an accident amputation in Fresno?

Fresno follows California state laws which allow an accident victim to recover compensation from the negligence party. A plaintiff, which is the party that is initiating the lawsuit in court, will have to prove that the other party was negligent and caused the accident. The different elements you have to prove depend on what type of accident you are asserting. For example, a slip and fall accident has different elements you need to prove compared to a car accident.

Contact our qualified Fresno accident attorneys today for a complimentary consultation. During our initial meeting, we will discuss your case to see what steps you should take next. Our compassionate attorneys understand that time is of the essence, especially in circumstances where victims have suffered amputations.

What accidents cause amputations?

Amputations are caused by a variety of different accidents that could take place. this includes:

  • Construction accidents: Fresno County always has construction going on, whether it is in the residential neighborhoods or on commercial buildings. This is to meet the growing population of the county. Construction accidents are the number one group of people who suffer amputations. Inexperienced workers or improper training and equipment could lead to accidents. Construction accidents could be very deadly or could lead to amputations. This is because construction employees deal with heavy machinery and hazards.

  • Car accidents: car accidents could also cause amputations. The most popular type of accidents are truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

  • Agricultural accidents: this is very common in Fresno County. because farm workers work with heavy machinery, improper training or improper maintenance of the machinery could lead to amputation injuries. In this circumstance, an employee may have the right to file a lawsuit against their employer. Contact us for more information on workplace accident lawsuits in Fresno.

  • Electrical accidents: electrical accidents, especially in homes and apartment complexes could lead to burns and scarring, which may require amputation. In the event that you have suffered amputations from an electrical accident, you may have a claim against the property manager or owner for the injuries that you have suffered. This falls under a premises liability lawsuit. Give our Fresno premises liability attorneys a call to discuss your potential case.

  • Sports accidents: high impact sports, such as hockey or football could lead to amputations. Not only could the player hold the other player responsible, but also the team manager or owner for improper training. This requires the assistance of a highly qualified Fresno sports injury attorney. Speak to our legal staff today to see if you have a potential sports injury lawsuit.

Agricultural Amputation Injuries

Because Fresno is considered an agricultural county, that provides crops for all parts of California,  amputation injuries are very common in agriculture. Common causes for injuries include:

  • Being struck by objects
  • Falls from equipment
  • Limbs getting caught in heavy machinery

If you or someone you know has been injured while on the job, give our Fresno agricultural amputation injuries a call. After suffering any type of injury, it is important that you get medical help. After getting immediate help, you should report the injury to the manager or supervisor. For the next steps, we recommend that you discuss your legal options with our attorneys.

What do Megeredchian law attorneys do?
  • Investigate the cause of the injury: an injury, such as an amputation, will require an in-depth investigation into the cause of the accident, and exactly what the triggering force was that caused the amputation.

  • Determine the responsible parties: there could be several different parties involved, from an employer to a property manager. It takes an experienced attorney to narrow down who the responsible party may be.

  • Negotiate with third parties: one of the most important skills that your attorney should have is being able to negotiate with other parties. Our accident attorneys in Fresno take into account the compensation that you deserve when negotiating with insurance companies, or defendants.

  • Taking your case to court: in the event that we are not able to negotiate with the other party, and both parties can’t come to some type of agreement, our attorneys will take your case to court and represent you in trial.

Amputation Injury Attorney in Fresno

Dealing with amputations is not easy, it could be challenging not only for the injured but also for their family members and friends. As family members and friends work to help the injured, the injured will have to deal with emotional trauma and distress from having to adapt to their new lifestyle. Our caring and compassionate Fresno lawyers take this into account and will provide one-on-one legal assistance to make sure that the injured get the compensation they need.

We know that it could be very difficult to put a dollar amount on a lifetime of suffering, but we will work to provide closure to the injured and make sure that the negligent party is held responsible for their actions.

Give our Fresno accident attorneys at Megerdchian law a call to schedule a free consultation.

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