The Average Cost of Car Accident Repairs

Average Cost of Car Accident Repairs

Car accidents can be extremely stressful and can affect many different areas of your life. Once you’ve obtained medical care for any injuries that you or a loved one sustained in the wreck, the next thing you may be worried about is how much it will cost to repair your vehicle and restore it to its former condition.

The cost of repairing your vehicle can vary from less than one hundred dollars to several thousand. Factors involved in determining the cost include what type of vehicle you drive and how badly it was wrecked. A minor accident may cause a few dents or scratches while a serious accident can make the vehicle no longer drivable.

Damage to Your Bumper

Whether you ran into a telephone pole or another car ran into you, damage to your vehicle after an accident often includes either front or rear bumper damage. Repairing a bumper that has been damaged in a California accident typically runs approximately $300 to $800. If the front bumper damage also involves the hood, the repair cost may be closer to $1,200.

Rear bumper repair may also require repairs to the rear quarter panel or door, which usually costs between $1,200 and $1,800. Keep in mind that many bumpers have a number of sensors intended to help avoid collisions. Repairing these sensors may also drive up the cost of a bumper repair.

Smashed Windshield or Other Windows

Damage to your windshield or other windows is fairly common in both minor and major accidents.  A minor accident may cause a small crack in your windshield. If you have comprehensive insurance, you may be able to get that repaired for less than the cost of your deductible.

Replacing your entire windshield or one or more other windows can vary widely in cost depending on the make and model of your vehicle. The typical cost usually between $100 and $400 per window. Your rear windshield may be slightly more expensive

Minor Scratches and Dents

A minor accident can lead to superficial scratches and dents. While these are a lot less expensive to repair than a major wreck, repairing small scratches and dents sometimes costs more than you might have expected. You may be able to have small dings repaired for around $100. Buffing surface scratches may cost $50-$100.

Repairing dents depends how bad the dents are. A minor dent that hasn’t hurt the paint may be able to be repaired for under $100. This is known as paintless dent repair and can be done when there are no breaks in the paint or creased metal. Dents that are deeper may lead to the need to replace sections of the vehicle and may run from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000.

Damage to the Frame and Engine

An impact to your vehicle can cause frame damage, particularly if speed was a factor. Your vehicle may look completely mangled or crumpled and you may see fluids leaking on the ground.

Fixing damage to the frame and the engine can involve replacing expensive parts and putting in many hours of labor to reconstruct the vehicle. There’s a good chance the cost to repair this kind of damage will be in the thousands and your insurance company may choose to total the vehicle rather than trying to rebuild it. A reputable auto body shop has the equipment needed to run diagnostics and determine the total amount of damage in order to determine the approximate amount of parts and labor that would be required to repair it.

Internal Damage

Some items inside the car may also be damaged in accidents. The price to fix them will vary based on the make and model as well as the extent of the damage. Some items may be fairly costly to repair. These items include:

  • Airbags – Replacing airbags that deployed in an accident can cost $1,000 or more
  • Seatbelts and passive restraint systems – Depending on the extent of damage, replacing seatbelts may be under $100, but replacing passive restraint systems can drive the cost much higher
  • Air conditioner – Minor repairs to air conditioning such as sensors or hoses may cost $200 to $700. Extensive repairs to air conditioning may cost $1,000 or more depending on the make and model of your vehicle

Things That Drive Up Costs

Automobiles and trucks are made up of quite a few different parts. When different parts of the vehicles need to be replaced, the total cost of parts and labor can gradually add up to a much higher number than you may have anticipated.

Another factor in high costs is the fact that modern vehicles are becoming much more complex than they used to be. Parts are becoming more and more specialized, meaning the replacement cost requires special craftsmanship and ends up being fairly high. Some cars also require that people have specialized training in order to make the repairs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that computers control most newer vehicles. The replacement of electronic parts can cost a lot more than non-electronic parts. Higher end vehicles are usually more complicated to fix, making repairs much more expensive.

Getting Legal Help After an Accident

When you’ve been in an auto accident and have suffered injuries or extensive damage to your vehicle because of the negligence of another driver, you deserve to be compensated. You shouldn’t have to experience a great deal of added stress in regard to how you are going to pay for the expensive cost of repairing your vehicle.

Every aspect of dealing with an insurance company after an accident can be stressful and confusing, and you shouldn’t have to face it by yourself. An experienced car accident attorney can help you deal with insurance companies and they can also explain your rights.

Contact Megeredchian Law Firm by filling out the form on this page. We will call you soon to set up a free case evaluation. Having us on your side may make all the difference in obtaining a fair settlement.

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