Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Accidents involving commercial vehicles, such as trailers, trucks, buses, or limos could result in severe injuries. Some injuries could lead to permanent life changes. If you have been involved with a commercial vehicle that was driven by an employee, you have the right to hold the employee and their employer responsible for any damages you have suffered.

In California, those who have been injured by another party have a right to get compensated for several different damages including medical bills, lost wages, emotional suffering, and future at-home care. But, what sets your lawsuit apart from one another are the attorneys representing it. Having an attorney that is experienced in commercial car accident laws is essential when proving a car accident claim. A car accident attorney that is knowledgeable about the different laws, and has experience representing victims who have been injured in these circumstances will help strengthen your case.

What are commercial vehicles?

Commercial vehicles are essentially vehicles that are owned by a business or company. Commercial vehicles are used to deliver goods from one point to another. That is why commercial vehicles are often very large and heavy. Because of this, accidents that involve commercial vehicles could lead to catastrophic injuries. Examples of commercial vehicles include:

What causes commercial vehicle accidents?

This depends on each circumstance of the accident. Examples of common causes of commercial vehicle accidents include:

  • Driver inexperience: driving a commercial vehicle needs several hours of training and days of experience. Besides that, you need a specific license, and employers who hire drivers should train their employees. An employer who has improperly trained their employee could be held responsible if their employee causes an accident. All drivers must have experienced driving such large vehicles.

  • Fatigue: usually, drivers of commercial vehicles have several jobs to do back-to-back within a short amount of time. Because of these fast-paced jobs, many drivers decide to get behind the wheel while tired. They then could fall asleep behind the wheel, or could be so tired that they may not have a fast reaction time.

  • Tire blowouts: tires must constantly be maintained, and examined prior to long trips. Tire blowouts are especially common during state-to-state deliveries.

  • Rollover accident: a rollover accident is likely to result when a driver loses control of their commercial vehicle. This could not only be dangerous for the commercial vehicle driver, but also to other oncoming vehicles that may have been beside the truck at the time of the rollover.

  • Product defects: if there are any defects involved with the commercial vehicle, such as the commercial vehicle parts, then the product manufacturer could be held responsible.

  • Trailer separation: in the case that the trailer is not hooked up to the truck properly, the trailer could get easily separated. When the trailer is separated, it could roll over onto other oncoming vehicles, and create a risk of a car accident.

  • Road hazards: sometimes there may be construction on the roads. In California, those working on freeways and highways must properly have all the accurate warning signs warning other vehicles on the road to drive slowly and to be mindful. Without signs, the construction company could be held liable in the case of an accident they caused.

  • Road conditions: when road conditions are poor, such as rainy or slippery days, it could get very difficult navigating and controlling a commercial vehicle. For example, it may be very difficult to come to a complete stop in time especially when dealing with a heavy trailer hitch in the back of the truck.

Improper turns: one of the most difficult things to do when driving a commercial vehicle are making left and right turns. An adequate amount of space must be kept between the curb and other vehicles. The risk of an accident while a commercial truck is making a turn is exceptionally high.

Who could be liable in a commercial vehicle accident case?

  • The driver of the commercial vehicle: this is one of the most obvious people that could be held responsible since they were the driver of the truck.

  • The employer of the driver: if the truck driver was working at the time of the accident, then you most likely will be able to file a lawsuit against the employer. The employer may not have sufficient funds to compensate you for damages, but the employer most likely will.

  • Truck manufacturer: if there was a product defect with the commercial vehicle, then you may be able to hold the part manufacturer or retailer responsible.

  • Truck maintenance company: Sometimes, commercial companies may hire a third-party maintenance company to maintain their trucks and fleet. If the third-party company failed to maintain the commercial vehicles, then they may also be a party to the lawsuit.

  • Leasing company: if the truck was leased at the time of the accident, then the leasing company could also be held responsible.

  • Government entity: if there was a defect or a problem in the public road that caused the accident, then a government entity could also be held responsible for the injuries caused.

What is a “squeeze play” accident?

A “squeeze play” accident occurs when a commercial vehicle makes a large wide turn. When the vehicle makes a wide turn, another vehicle may try to fit between the curb and the truck. The vehicle will then collide with the truck that is trying to make a turn. Reasons for this may be because the commercial vehicle driver may have failed to signal to other oncoming vehicles that they will be turning. This is considered to be a complex incident that should be investigated, since the other vehicle should also not have passed the commercial vehicle. It could be very dangerous to deal with commercial trucks that are trying to make a turn. Our truck accident attorneys highly recommend that you keep a safe distance between commercial trucks and yourself.

What injuries are common in a commercial vehicle accident?
  • Broken bones: broken bones are very common with truck accidents. Unfortunately, when a car is stuck under a commercial vehicle that has rolled over, passengers of the vehicle may suffer broken bones. These fractures may take months or years to heal from.

  • Spinal cord injuries: a spinal cord injury should be examined by a medical provider immediately. Spinal cord injuries may not be immediately felt after an accident, but days later. Some symptoms include difficulty walking or difficulty breathing.

  • Traumatic brain injury: a traumatic brain injury occurs when there is an abrupt collision with the passenger’s head. Traumatic brain injuries can change someone’s life forever, and they may not be able to return back to regular life after experiencing such an accident.
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