Does Cheaper Gas Cause Less Car Accidents?

Within the last couple months, almost every state in the nation experienced an increase in gas prices. Just last week, a gallon of gas reached over $6 as the average cost for gas in California. Experts still estimate that this number might be on the rise, especially with several holiday weekends coming up within the next summer months.

Many experts blame the cost of gas towards a tight market and an increase in demand as more schools and workplaces start to open back up and become in person rather than remote. Several other causes in California include supply chain issues, along with supply chain technology glitches that have occurred in the last couple months in terms of planning. Not many may think of this, but economic factors have a very substantial effect on vehicle accidents on the road.

In the first nine months of 2021, there were around 30,000 people killed in car accidents. This number has been at an all-time high, especially since many people were not expected to be on the roads during covid-19.

Surprisingly, several studies have revealed that gas prices may have some type of effect on car accidents. With millions of drivers on the road every day in California, gas prices have impacted the rate of accidents. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle accidents can result in very severe injuries, and it is important that you have the legal assistance you deserve to make sure that you get fully compensated. In California, you have the right to file a lawsuit against a party that has acted negligent and caused injuries. You may be able to collect a variety of different types of damages, including lost wages, medical bills, and emotional distress. Contact our attorneys today if you or a loved one have been involved in any type of accident in California. Our car accident attorneys are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your claim.

 There are several different factors that go along with car accident rates, such as infrastructure maintenance, the pavement conditions, the weather conditions, along with the negligence of drivers. However, one factor that many do not even consider are higher gas prices. High gas prices not only affect travel trends, but they also affect the number of cars on the road.

As the state of California experiences an increase in the rise of gas prices, accident statistics have also been affected. For example, in a study done by Bloomberg Transportation, every time fuel rises 10%, there is a 1.5% decline in the number of car accidents. This effect is seen months later after the gas prices rise. This study is a surprise for everyone.

Others say reasons why an increase in gas prices leads to a decrease in accidents is because other factors are also intertwined such as unemployment rates and seat belt use. If gas prices are at an increase, the unemployment rates will most probably increase as well, and there are less drivers on the road. When there are less drivers on the road, this means that there are less accidents that are likely to occur.

Why are gas prices increasing?

There are several reasons as to why gas prices may increase, some factors include:

  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  • Supply chain shortages
  • Increase in demand, with a decrease in availability
  • Limited employees

Do driving habits change based on gas prices?

Drivers always change their driving practices as gas prices change. Some reasons are because:

  • Those who can’t afford the high gas prices choose not to drive, which means less cars on the road
  • Those who want to save money will carpool with other co-workers, which means less cars on the road
  • When gas prices are high, drivers try not to drive negligently and recklessly, in order to save gas. For example, they will always drive within the speed limit to preserve gas efficiency.
  • When gas prices are low, several drivers feel good about the economy and want to be out of the house more often, and visit restaurants, beaches, etc.
  • When gas prices increase, the number of passengers on buses and public transportation also increase.
  • When gas prices increase, many choose not to go out and drink. This means that there are less drunk driving accidents.
  • When gas prices increase, several drivers on the road neglect maintaining their car. This may cause car accidents due to improper or negligent repair.

The common idea is that when gas prices are very low, there are more people on the road taking advantage of this opportunity. People then may start to drive negligently, which may be a danger to other drivers, and may not be as gas efficient. But, when gas prices are at an all-time high, less people are on the roads, such as teenagers who could be high-risk drivers. Many of those who can’t afford the high gas prices, such as teenagers and young adults may choose not to drive and get behind the wheel.

Currently, as gas prices are at an increase, AAA estimates that this summer will be a very busy summer compared to the last two that took place during covid. Many experts also predict chaos, with many resorting to staycations at or near their home. It also sparks the likelihood of summer related accidents such as swimming pool accidents and slip and fall accidents. It is very important that you  take part in safe practices this summer, such as always wearing a life jacket while on a boat.

Do rising gas prices cause bicycle accidents?

Although rising gas prices decrease car accidents, as more and more people try to look for other alternatives, the likelihood of a bicyclist on the road increases. When this occurs, bicycle accidents are also bound to happen. Although car accidents may decrease, bicycle accidents may start to increase as cars and bicycles have to share the road. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, contact our attorney Megeredchian Law today to see how we can help you receive compensation for your injuries. Our car accident attorneys fight aggressively to make sure that those who have been taken advantage of get justice.  We are available by phone 24/7, and will help you throughout every single stage of your litigation process.

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Everything in our economy is linked to one another. This is especially true for gas prices and the number of cars on the roads. With the increase of gas prices that we have been experiencing, there may be less cars on the road. But this does not necessarily mean that there are no accidents. Accidents are still down to happen, especially with so many students and employees now returning back to school and work. You want to make sure that you have the right attorneys on your side.

 Although low gas prices may stimulate the economy, many experts and politicians do not see a decrease in gas prices anytime soon. If you have experienced a car accident, contact our car accident attorneys today to schedule a free consultation. During this consultation, we will determine the different factors that are involved with your claim, including liability, liable parties, and the compensation you could receive.

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