How to file a claim with Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance is one of the most popular insurance companies in California. Farmers Insurance provides several different types of insurance for residents in California, including commercial Insurance, home insurance, and car insurance. Insurance companies are considered to be very large corporations in the United States. Insureds have an expectation that insurance companies will care for them in the case of an accident. But there may be certain cases where insurance companies will try to fight back, even if you are insured and are making a claim.

Many are not even aware that they can make a claim with their insurance company in the case of an accident. Insurance companies are there to protect you in the case of an accident, and make sure that you recover your financial losses. It is very important that you understand your rights and responsibilities as an insured of Farmers Insurance. For any questions or concerns you may have regarding your insurance claim, contact our accident attorneys immediately for a free consultation. Our top rated car accident attorneys know exactly how to deal with different types of insurance companies, and how to file an insurance claim.

There are several different types of hurdles you must have to jump through when filing an insurance claim. Below is an article that discusses how to file a claim with Farmers Insurance, and the steps that may be required for you to take. Please keep in mind that there may also be other steps depending on your accident and your personal experience. To get specific and personalized attention, contact our car accident attorneys today.

How To File a Claim with Farmers Insurance

After an accident, you may be wondering how you could recover compensation for the damages that you have suffered. There are several ways you could file a claim with Farmers Insurance. The different ways include:

    • Calling Farmers Insurance by phone. You could call their phone number at 800 515 7406 and speak to an agent. The agent will be able to direct you to a department where you could speak to an insurance adjuster.

    • Filing a claim online through Farmers Insurance website. We recommend that you file a claim online since all your responses could be documented. When you call Farmers Insurance, they may have the recording of the phone call, but the words you say could be used against you. That is why we recommend filling out a form online could work in your favor since you may have documentation of the claim.

    • Filing a claim through the Farmers Insurance Mobile app. The Farmers Insurance Mobile app is available through the app store for iPhone and Android users. The benefits of filing a claim through the mobile app is because of the convenience since the photos that you have taken of the accident may already be on your phone.

What information do I need to file a claim with Farmers Insurance?

There are several different answers that you must have readily available when filing a claim with Farmers Insurance. This includes:

  • Your personal insurance policy number
  • Your full name, home address, and driver’s license information
  • The name of the other drivers in the accident, along with their driver’s license information
  • Information on where the accident took place. One of the most important questions that a claim representative will ask is where the accident took place, and the time of the accident.
  • The make and model number of all the vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Any photos of the vehicle damage.
  • Any medical information, such as where you went after the accident, and how you were treated for your injuries.
  • Information of doctors and hospitals that you visited after the accident.
  • If a police report was generated for the accident. A police report may take several weeks to retrieve from the police department. For more information on how to get a police report of the accident, contact our car accident attorneys today.

We recommend that all this information be prepared prior to filing the claim. This will then ensure a smooth claim filing process, especially when dealing with a claim representative, since they will ask all these questions back to back, and may not provide you enough time with sifting and sorting through the paperwork to look for these answers. We recommend that you speak to our experienced attorneys prior to filing the claim so we can better help you gather all this information. Information such as medical records and contact information of medical providers could be very difficult to track down, especially if you had visited several different types of hospitals and medical offices after the accident to get treated for your injuries.

What happens after I file a claim with Farmers Insurance?

After you file a claim with Farmers Insurance, there is generally an insurance adjuster that is assigned to your claim. An insurance adjuster will then investigate all the circumstances of the accident and take a look at all the information provided. Some things they can do include:

  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Asking vehicle damage evaluators questions
  • Asking medical providers questions about your treatment
What should I not do when filing a claim with Farmers Insurance?
  • Do not accept the first offer from an insurance company until you have spoken to a top rated car accident attorney. A lawyer will be able to give you more insight as to whether you should accept or deny a settlement offer. Remember that at the end of the day it is your decision to accept or deny a settlement offer, but it could really help speaking to an attorney to get your case evaluated.

  • Do not admit fault. Our attorneys have come across several types of instances where parties have improperly admitted fault. Before admitting fault, we recommend that you conduct an investigation and look into the circumstances of the accident. For example, was the other driver driving and texting at the time of the accident? Did the other driver have the right of way at the time of the accident?

  • Do not give a recorded statement unless it is necessary. If you have an attorney, and are represented by counsel, an insurance adjuster may try to contact you to get a recorded statement. We recommend that you speak to your attorney prior to agreeing to a recorded statement, this recorded statement should also be scheduled prior to the actual day. An insurance adjuster cannot call you and ask for a recorded statement on the spot.

  • Do not sign any documents provided by the insurance company unless you speak with your car accident attorney first. There are several forms that insurance companies try to ask you to sign, which could also include medical authorization release forms. We recommend that you speak to our attorneys on what the repercussions are of providing the insurance company with such forms.


Contact our top-rated car accident attorneys for more information on how to file a claim with Farmers Insurance. There are several different rules and requirements that you must follow in order to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve from your insurance company. You should follow all the rules, or it may be used against you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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