Leg and Knee Injuries

Leg and Knee Injuries After a California Car Accident

Leg and knee injuries are very common in car accidents. Any discomfort or pain in your legs or knees requires prompt medical attention, diagnosis, and treatment. While healing and treatment should be your first priority, seeking legal advice and representation is also important. An experienced California car accident lawyer can help you obtain proper medical care and fair compensation for your injuries.

Knee Injuries Sustained In A Crash

Knees are commonly injured in accidents as they are vulnerable in almost every type of crash,  regardless of whether the collision was a rear-end, roll-over, or head-on collision. The force of impact can send your knees hurling into the car door, dashboard, or steering wheel.

The most common knee injuries in an accident are a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament or Posterior Collateral Ligament. Both injuries result in swelling, pain, and a ‘popping’ sound in the knee. In severe cases, a ruptured ligament could lead to permanent disability.

The shinbone (tibia) is known to fracture in head-on collisions. Other serious knee related injuries include dislocated knees, ruptured tendons, twisted ligaments, knee fractures, and ligament hyperextension.

Hip Injuries Caused By A Car Accident

Hip injuries are fairly common in front-end car collisions. The jarring impact on your hips can be amplified by the seat belt to cause deep bruising, fractures, and even dislocation. Any form of hip injury will result in extreme pain.

You may experience shooting pains while attempting to walk or an inability to sit upright without severe discomfort. Dislocation of the hip joint is treated with with the surgical implementation of plates and screws ensure the bone mends correctly. Rehabilitation for a hip injury is a long and costly process.

Ankle Injuries Caused By A Road Collision

Ankles play a crucial role in load-bearing, so that the entire weight of the body can be supported while standing. Thus, an ankle injury can severely impact your daily routine, your ability to walk, and your ability to work. In the face of an impending accident, drivers or passengers may use one or both feet to brace against the floorboard for impact. However, this natural reaction can cause an ankle to experience a severe compression injury.

The force applied to an ankle during an accident can fracture the bones, or damage the various ligaments surrounding the joint. Ankle injuries are typically accompanied by extreme swelling and pain in the ankle region along with the inability to move your foot from side to side. While it may sound counterintuitive breaking a bone in the ankle is considered better than tearing a ligament. The healing process for a broken bone in the ankle is typically faster than a torn ligament.

Thigh Injuries Resulting From A Road Accident

Thigh injuries in an auto accident typically involve a fracture caused by contact with the dashboard or steering wheel. Femurs are the strongest bone in the human body, but they still stand no chance against the force of a 4,000 pound vehicle.

A fractured femur is one of the most excruciatingly painful injuries you can sustain in an accident. A fractured femur will typically require surgery involving the use of pins to hold the broken pieces together. Long-term walking problems and permanent damage can arise if a femur fracture is not treated fast enough.

Why Obtain A California Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’ve sustained leg or knee injuries after an accident, you deserve proper compensation. However, insurance companies may not always give you the fair settlement you deserve. In fact, insurance companies often use tricks and tactics to reduce or deny car accident claims. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you build a strong case and protect your rights so you receive the settlement you deserve.

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