Is Driving Below The Speed Limit Unsafe?

We have always heard that driving above the speed limit is very dangerous, and could lead to severe accidents and injuries. Speeding is the number one cause of accidents in California, and could lead to traumatic accidents such as T-Bone accidents and rollover collisions. But, there are certain circumstances where even driving below the speed limit could be unsafe.

Each driver in California has a duty to maintain a safe speed. Maintaining a safe speed is up to the discretion of the driver. Each circumstance and environment is different from one another, and may require the driver to speed up or slow down to maintain a safe speed. But, sometimes slowing down below the speed limit could lead to accidents and severe injuries. The definition of maintaining a safe speed limit could be up to the discretion of the driver, including the police officer if they have stopped you for a traffic violation.

Driving below the speed limit could be frustrating, and even more dangerous sometimes then driving above the speed limit. This article below discusses the different reasons why driving below the speed limit could be dangerous, and how to maintain a safe speed on the road to prevent any accidents. Our top-rated car accident attorneys have been representing accident victims for decades. We have seen several different types of accidents that are caused by speeding, even driving under the speed limit.

Unfortunately, most states do not give a specific speed limit that should be the minimum. In California, there is no minimum speed limit, but rather a set speed limit for every street, highway, or freeway. Californians also must make sure that they drive at a proper speed limit that does not cause or interrupt traffic.

Can you get pulled over for driving too slow?

You can get pulled over for driving too slow If it creates a dangerous condition on the highway, freeway, or street. An officer may also start to wonder why you are traveling at such a slow pace. For example, those under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be driving exceptionally slow under the speed limit.

Why is driving under the speed limit dangerous?

Driving under the speed limit will not provide other cars a safe space to make a lane change. If another vehicle is trying to pass you, it could be very difficult for them to make a lane change since you may be going at a significantly lower pace compared to other vehicles. This is especially true for highways where there are only two lanes.

Those that are going under the speed limit may be driving in the wrong lane. The left lane is known for those vehicles that may be going at the speed limit or a little bit greater. Those that are driving below the speed limit should not drive in the left lane since it could be very dangerous. The left lane is meant to pass other vehicles or to make a lane change

What should I do if I would like to travel at a slow speed limit?

There are many reasons why you might want to drive at a slower speed limit. For example, some reasons made including:

  • Inexperienced driving: if you are new to the area, especially Los Angeles, you may want to drive slower than usual so you can make sure that you follow all the stop signs and traffic lights properly.
  • Minor drivers: those that are practicing how to drive for the first time may want to drive slower than the posted speed limit since they are learning to drive.
  • Comfort: some drivers, such as senior citizens, may feel uncomfortable when driving at high rates of speed on the freeway or highway.
  • Hazardous road conditions: on days when roads are slippery or wet, it is required that all drivers maintain a lower speed limit since it could be very difficult to drive on wet roads.
  • Road maintenance: oftentimes, there may be construction done on the freeways. During the circumstances, all drivers must drive lower than the posted speed limit and adhere to all the signs at the construction site. Driving even at the regular speed limit near a construction site could lead to a speeding ticket.

If you are driving at a slower rate compared to other vehicles, and are significantly lower than the posted speed limit, we recommend:

  • Before leaving the house, try to get an idea as to what streets and freeways you will be using to get to your destination. This is the number one recommendation we provide to drivers who are driving in Los Angeles for the first time, especially since there are several one-way streets.

  • If you feel uncomfortable driving, use ride-share programs such as Uber or Lyft. Sometimes, even Uber or Lyft ride-sharing programs could result in accidents, but at least you can make sure that you yourself are not causing a dangerous condition on the road.

  • Take a look at your surroundings while driving under the speed limit and look to see if there are other opportunities for other vehicles to pass. If there are no other alternatives for other vehicles to pass, and you are causing a traffic flow, make sure that you pull over safely to allow for faster vehicles to overtake.

  • If there are more than three lanes on a freeway, make sure that you take the lane that is all the way to the right if you will be traveling at a slower rate than other vehicles.

How slow can I drive below the speed limit?

There is no specific law that mentions exactly how slow you could drive under the speed limit. Each case is handled specifically, and it is dependent on the circumstances. For example, several different factors we take into consideration are:

  • Whether it is a freeway or highway
  • Time of day when driving
  • Whether there are other vehicles on the road
  • What the speed limit is for the area

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident where the other party simply was not driving at the designated speed limit, you may have a case against the other party for negligent driving, and causing the accident. Make sure that you have a highly qualified car accident attorney on your side so you could have all your compensation well-represented.

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