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The impact that a motorcycle accident can have on a victim is substantial. Serious accidents often result in lifelong trauma: physically and emotionally. They can result in chronic pain and emotional distress, which in turn can mean costly medical bills and a loss in wages.

Regardless of the severity of your accident, our personal injury attorneys understand the severity of what you go through on a personal level.

We understand that your injury can leave you frightened and uncertain about your future. Our attorneys fight every step of the way for our clients and to ensure that you get the settlement that they deserve to get their livelihoods back.

Our fight is for the entirety of your injury settlement – we do not settle for insurance companies offering you less than your claim is worth.

We fight to recover every penny you may have lost to medical bills and to lost wages – because we know that it is not fair for you to be so disadvantaged by an accident that was not your fault. We fight for justice.

An experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer will have a thorough understanding of the legal process needed to manage your case from the beginning to end. This thoroughness and experience will help you earn the compensation you need to recover from the physical and financial damage caused by the accident.

Typical Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles CA

Travelling by motorcycle is a popular means of transport in Los Angeles: the warm weather, the scenic routes, the variety of terrain, the convenience of being able to hop on and hop off your bike.

It is estimated that motorcycle usage, as of today, is as common as it has ever been in Los Angeles. With that comes an inherent risk: injuries caused by motorcycles, often chronic, lifelong and debilitating, are as high as ever before.

But what are some of the most common causes?

drink driving has always been a problem in Los Angeles, and this could not be truer today. Being intoxicated while at the wheel makes drivers have slower reaction times, inhibits their concentration and reduces their perception, putting motorcyclists at risk.

lane splitting can reduce the proximity between cars and motorcyclists, it gives motorcyclists and drivers less space to correct mistakes, and gives motorists less time to react to danger, which puts motorcycle users at significant risk.

typically, motorcycles and bike riders are less easy to spot for motorists because they are smaller, travel at greater speeds and often disappear in drivers’ blind spots. These type of accidents most commonly occur at intersections, as motorcyclists attempt to overtake the turning car.

many roads across Los Angeles are in a terrible state — they are not fit for purpose. Uneven road distributions, potholes, road cracks, debris and objects on the road can cause serious danger to motorcycle drivers.

Most dangerous Los Angeles intersections accidents occur:

  • Van Nuys: Sherman Way & Sepulveda Blvd.
  • Vermont Knolls: Manchester Ave. & Figueroa St.
  • Van Nuys: Burbank Blvd. & Sepulveda Blvd.
  • Panorama City: Van Nuys Blvd. & Roscoe Blvd.
  • Valley Glen: Victory Blvd. & Coldwater Canyon Ave.
  • Northridge: Tampa Ave. & Nordhoff St.
  • Van Nuys: Sherman Way & Woodman Ave.
  • Valley Glen: Sherman Way & Coldwater Canyon Ave.
  • Van Nuys: Sherman Way & Kester Ave.
  • Panorama City: Van Nuys & Arminta St.
  • Winnetka: Saticoy St. & Winnetka Ave.

What Steps Should I Take After a Motorcycle Accident?

In the unfortunate event that you suffer a personal injury as the result of a motorcycle accident, there are various events that may follow:

1. Move to a safe place and seek medical attention

Immediately after an accident that leads to your injury, the first step is to seek medical attention. If necessary, you may call an ambulance or go to the hospital on your own accord.

This is necessary not just to treat your injuries, but it ensures there is an official medical record of the injuries that you have suffered.

A medical diagnosis makes it easier to prove you have suffered injuries should the defendants dispute this.

2. Record the accident details and take pictures

Note down any details of the accident and injury, before you forget. Accuracy is important: we do not want your claim to be hindered by something that can be disproven by another party or an insurer.

If possible, you may want to take photographs of the scene. This evidence can be used by our attorneys to strengthen your claim.

Contact one of our personal injury attorneys. You must do this as soon as is reasonably possible.

Many aspects of your case may be time sensitive – your memories, filing litigation, any footage of the incident and eye witness testimony all have time limits

Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that an insurer may get in contact with you regarding compensation.

3. Contact Megeredchian Law Firm Accident Attorneys

As you would expect, insurance companies often attempt every trick in the book to limit – or deny entirely – your claim. They may try and cross reference your account of the accident in an attempt to question your honesty, or they may try and interpret the facts in a way that would make the accident seem like it was your fault.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are wise to this; it is important that we handle any correspondence with the insurance company. We refuse to let insurance companies worm their way out of giving our clients an equitable settlement.

In an ideal world, the auto-insurance company would pay you every penny of the compensation that you require. But, unfortunately, that is seldom the case.

If necessary, litigation might be the only option to get you the damages that you deserve: which is why contacting our motorcycle attorneys soon after your accident is so important

1.2 Million

Drunk driver head-on collision with our client resulted in a broken clavicle and dextral face nerve damage.

1 Million

Client spent 3 days in the ICU after he was rear-ended off-road and into the ditch.


Client spent 3 days in the ICU after he was rear-ended off-road and into the ditch. They had no broken bones.


Client had a mild brain surgery after lane-splitting with their motorcycle and colliding with a vehicle making abrupt lane change.

Record Breaking Settlements

From a $1.2 million settlement for a head-on collision case to $1 million for a rear-end car accident case, Megeredchian Law results are among the best in California State. We know exactly how much your car accident claim is worth and we never settle for less. This is how we choose to represent your concerns every day- with passion, persistence, and excellence- ensuring that from us you only get the BEST RESULTS!


Damages Available to Motorcycle Accident Victims in Los Angeles

Personal injury compensation for motorcycle crashes or accidents is the awarding of a financial sum in an attempt to restore you to your original position before the injury.

Broadly speaking, compensation can be divided into two different subcategories: tangible losses and intangible losses. Tangible losses cover financial losses, whilst intangible losses cover non-economic losses.

Compensation for tangible losses can include, but is not limited to, the following;

  1. Past and future medical expenses: this may include hospitalisations, surgeries, and physical therapy;
  2. Loss of income — past, present and future: this would occur where your personal injury has meant that you have been unable to work;
  3. Any other expenditure that is a direct result of your personal injury.

Compensation for intangible losses can include, but is not limited to, the following;

  1. Emotional/mental distress;
  2. Pain and suffering, including chronic and/or permanent injuries or disfigurement;
  3. Punitive damages: awarded where it is necessary to put the plaintiff beyond their original position;
  4. Loss of consortium: involves the loss of companionship as a result of the injury

Do I Have To Go To Court?

Evidently, you are not forced to go to court and litigate if you do not want to. In fact, many motorcycle accident cases are settled out of court. With that said, it may be in your best interest to go to court — it may be the best or only way to receive the compensation that you deserve.

Our highly esteemed attorneys will explain the process and options available to you.

After My Accident, I Have Been Contacted By an Insurance Company. What Should I Do?

Insurance companies are typically self interested and only care about themselves — but they try to portray to you that they have your best interests at heart. This is never the case — their job is to protect themselves, and this will involve offering settlements to you for less than your claim is worth.

It is important that you let our attorneys deal with any third party insurance companies — do not speak to them without our approval or advice.

How Long Do These Claims Take?

The duration of a case is largely dependant on the individual facts and circumstances of the case. Complex personal injuries case that involve third party negligence claims can take a long time, but more simple claims may typically take a few months.

The best way to ensure your case does not take longer than it needs to is through accumulating and preserving evidence as necessary, as described above. 

I May Have Contributed To My Injury. Does That Invalidate My Claim?

Clearly, if your injuries were caused by you and entirely your fault, that is likely to invalidate any claim for damages. This may include if you were injured while riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

However, if you were only responsible for a portion of the accident, there is the chance that you may still have a potential claim. This is through ‘comparative negligence’ — which allows you to sue the at-fault party for the portion of the accident that was their fault. Our attorneys will be able to explain the merits of your claim from the start.

Results Matter!

We are selective about the volume of cases and the type of cases we undertake. This ensures our client’s case gets the attention it needs so results are achieved. Big firms with big case volumes means your case gets lost with the thousand others. Results matter, experience the difference by retaining our firm and let us exceed your expectations.

Our clients are not just “clients,” we treat everyone like family with compassion and the utmost care.

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Our personal injury attorneys have a demonstrable track record of practical results. We approach cases with the diligence and careful consideration that they deserve. We are notoriously stern and tough negotiators: not because we like to play hard ball, but because we refuse to see defendants, corporations and insurance companies get away with not paying you what you are owed for your injuries.

Our knowledge and highly regarded attorneys are experienced in both out of court settlements and with litigation that ends up in court. We will pursue the right course of action for you — and the right course is the path that leads you to equitable compensation.

We use cutting edge legal methods, such as private investigators and expert witnesses, which leads us to an outcome that is in your best interests. Our attorneys can recover damages from lawsuits that cover medical expenses, loss of earnings, physical/emotional pain and suffering, damage to property and punitive damages.

We approach cases with honesty, reliability, and respect to the client — and we do so by fighting for your best interests. 

You’ll have 24/7 access to your attorney and we’ll keep you updated at every step in the case.

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