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Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are very common in the city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles has several different types of vehicles on the road, from cars, to Ubers, to buses. All these different types of transportation must share the road with one another. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to drive cautiously, and cause serious accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can result in very severe injuries, and could potentially leave the motorcyclist permanently disabled. When this occurs, the motorcyclist has the right to seek compensation from the negligent party who caused the accident. Los Angeles faces a serious problem with the increase of motorcycle accidents. As more and more commuters start to purchase and ride motorcycles, motorcycle accidents are at an all-time high. On average, Los Angeles experiences around 260 motorcycle accidents each year.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you deserve compensation. Our experienced and dedicated motorcycle accident attorneys or available 24/7 answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your motorcycle accident. We always want to make sure that our clients are provided with the highest level of legal representation. We always put our clients’ interests in mind, and are dedicated to making sure that they get the maximum compensation they deserve. We have represented motorcycle accident victims for decades, and understand the stress it may cause the victim, especially to the victim’s family.

What is the most common injury in a motorcycle accident?

The injuries you have sustained in a motorcycle accident differ depending on the circumstances. For example, those who have been involved in a minor accident may suffer only minor cuts and bruises. More severe injuries include:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Back injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Amputation 
  • Dismemberment
  • Disfigurement
  • Broken bones

What causes motorcycle accidents?

  • Distracted drivers
  • Negligent drivers
  • Drunk drivers 
  • Speeding drivers

Unfortunately, the main cause of motorcycle accidents and fatalities are because vehicle drivers do not notice the motorcyclist on the road. Therefore, a motorcyclist’s number one priority is to increase their visibility on the road, and to prevent driving at high speeds.  motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to be injured in a car accident when compared to passengers in a vehicle. Motorcycles do not have any specific barrier that could protect a motorcyclist if they were ever involved in a collision. That is why it is very important that motorcyclists follow specific rules of behavior when driving on the road.

With such a high population rate, California experiences the most motorcycle accidents when compared to any other state. Although there are several different types of motorcyclist friendly laws, motorcycle accidents still occur on major freeways and highways. There are different steps that motorcyclists could take to prevent suffering serious injuries in a motorcycle accident. According to the United States Department of Transportation, some steps advise are to:

  1. Always wear a helmet: it is very important that you choose the correct helmet when driving a motorcycle. Wearing a helmet that is not properly fitted on your head could cause the helmet to fly off in a collision. You want to make sure that your motorcycle helmet fits you just right, and will not move during a collision. California laws mandate that a motorcyclist be wearing a helmet at all times. Failure to wear a helmet could cause severe traumatic brain injury, and could cause permanent disabilities that will make the motorcyclist unable to return back to work.

  2. Make sure that your arms and legs are covered colon in a collision, a motorcyclist is oftentimes thrown off from the motorcycle and thrown onto the floor. When this occurs, the motorcyclist suffers very severe road burns. We advise motorcyclists to wear leather or very thick denim to cover their hands and feet.

  3. Wear gloves: gloves will be able to shield your hands from any type of traumatic injuries, and will provide a heavy grip when driving the motorcycle.

  4. Always make sure that you are driving in an area that you are experienced with. Usually, inexperienced motorcyclists who are driving in areas they are not experienced in could be involved in motorcycle accidents. It is very important that you are aware of the area’s traffic lights, stop signs, and lanes. Los Angeles has several one-way streets, which could cause very severe injuries if driven on improperly.

  5. Not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs: when driving under the influence of drugs, or even prescription medication, a motorcyclist’s visibility may be reduced. A motorcyclist may not be as alert as they should, and may have their senses impaired. When this occurs, they will not be able to properly judge when other vehicles will come to a stop, and may not even see pedestrians walking on the road.

  6. Take a motorcycle safety course: it is very important to remember that driving a motorcycle is very different than driving a car. Although you may have your motorcycle license, we always advise motorcyclists to take a personal motorcycle driving course on their own.

  7. Always wear flashy clothing, especially during night time: it could be very difficult to see a motorcyclist, especially if they’re wearing black leather in the middle of the night. Make sure that all the lights on your motorcycle are working, and you have reflective clothing. Reflective clothing will be able to assist other vehicles on the road.

  8. Make sure that your motorcycle is constantly maintained: motorcycles may need constant maintenance, more than vehicles. Make sure that your motorcycle is in drivable condition to prevent any mechanical failures. Before riding your motorcycle, make sure that all your turn signals and brake lights are working.

  9. Obey all traffic signals such as stop signs and speed limits: failing to obey the rules of the road would most likely lead to a severe motorcycle accident.

The United States Department of Transportation also has their own personal goals where they aim to achieve public awareness of motorcyclists on the road. They have outlined a five-year motorcycle safety plan where they will have several different types of campaigns dedicated to motorcyclist awareness on the freeway. For example, these campaigns reach out to vehicle drivers in order to make sure they are constantly on the lookout for other motorcyclists behind them, and on the side of them when driving on freeways.

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