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Passenger Car Accident In Sacramento

If you were a passenger in a car accident in Sacramento, you have the right to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident, whether it was the driver that was in your vehicle or in another vehicle.

It is very important that you have a highly qualified Sacramento attorney on your side to assist you every step of the way. Car accidents could be very costly, especially if you decide to get medical treatment to treat those injuries that you have sustained. Passengers are rarely thought of when it comes to car accident lawsuits. Usually, many people think of a driver filing a lawsuit against another driver. But, injured passengers could also file a lawsuit. In fact, under California law, a passenger does not need to have car insurance in order to file a lawsuit against another party.

How can I file a lawsuit for a passenger injury claim?

In order to file a lawsuit for a passenger injury claim in Sacramento, there are some factors that your attorney should prove. Your skilled attorney must have to show:

  • The accident was caused by another driver
  • The other driver, whether it was the driver in the same vehicle or a driver in another vehicle, had a duty to drive in a reasonably safe manner
  • The driver failed to drive safely
  • The injuries directly resulted from the car accident
  • You are not a member of the same household as the party you are filing a lawsuit against
  • You were a passenger at the time of the accident

What type of damages could I recover in a passenger injury claim?

There are several different types of damages you could recover as a passenger when filing a lawsuit or an injury claim. You could recover:

  • Medical bills: these are the bills used to treat your injuries, such as surgeries or treatments.

  • Lost wages: these are the wages you missed out on while you were treating your passenger injuries.

  • Pain and suffering: this is the emotional toll that the injuries took on you while you were treated.

  • Future medical treatment: this takes into consideration the future medical bills that you will need to treat these injuries since some injuries could be lifelong.

What should I do after an accident I was a passenger in?

If you were a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident, you should take several different steps to make sure that you get the care and assistance you deserve. Below are some steps you should take:

  1. Seek medical attention immediately if you have suffered severe injuries. If you have suffered injuries that need medical attention right away, you should not wait and call 911 immediately. In the event that you have suffered injuries and could wait, we recommend that you’ve seen urgent care after you leave the scene of the accident.

  2.  If the vehicle is that an area where another accident could occur,  get out of the vehicle as soon as possible. If the vehicle is still in the way of other oncoming cars, the risk of another accident could still exist.

  3. Get the other drivers’ information, such as driver’s license information, license plate, and car insurance information.

  4. Take pictures of the vehicle, along with the accident scene.

  5. Contact your car insurance company to report the accident. In certain circumstances, your car insurance company could compensate you if you were a passenger in the vehicle involved in an accident.

  6. Contact an experienced car accident attorney for assistance in filing a lawsuit. Usually, many shy away from filing a lawsuit, especially if they were a passenger. Many people think that you must be a driver in order to file a lawsuit. that is not the case.

What will our car accident attorneys do?

  • Our Sacramento car accident attorneys will investigate all the circumstances of the accident to piece together exactly how the accident happened and who the liable parties may be.
  • Our experienced attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies and other attorneys representing other parties to make sure that you get the help you deserve.
  • Our top-rated Sacramento car accident attorneys offer free consultations where you have the opportunity to speak to our lawyers one-on-one to determine what the next steps are for you, and how you could recover compensation for what you have suffered.

What causes car accidents in Sacramento?

There are several reasons why car accidents do occur in Sacramento. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Distracted driving: drivers who are texting while driving, or eating while driving, have a very high likelihood of getting involved in an accident. Those who look away for even a short second increase the risk of being involved in an accident and causing severe injuries not only to themselves but to others as well.

  • Drunk driving: this is the second most common type of accident in Sacramento. Those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs could result in catastrophic injuries to those in other vehicles. In the event that you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, while you were a passenger in the vehicle, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the drunk driver. This is besides the criminal charges that the driver could face. In drunk driving accidents, courts are more likely to award punitive damages.

  • Speeding: speeding is very common in Sacramento, and causes severe injury and death.

  • Hit-and-run accidents: hit and run accidents occur when a motorist hits another vehicle and drives away. Our experienced attorneys will help track down who the other parties may be in order for you to get compensated.

  • Poor road conditions: poor road conditions such as potholes and uneven roads increase the likelihood of being involved in an accident. When driving over these poor road conditions, drivers could lose their control and collide with other oncoming vehicles or pedestrians.

  • Vehicle defects: vehicle defects could also result in car accidents. Car manufacturers have a duty and responsibility to manufacture vehicles that are free from any defects that could cause injuries.
What are the different types of lawsuits that I could file as a passenger?
  • Government claims: you could file a claim against the government entity in the event that they are responsible for your passenger car accident. For example, if the poor road conditions were to blame for the car accident, you could file a lawsuit against the proper government entity for failing to fix the roads. But, keep in mind that these types of claims have very strict restrictions that you must have to follow. For example, you may have to file your government claim within 6 months of the accident. We recommend that you act fast and consult with our experienced attorneys immediately.

  • Personal injury claims: these types of claims are not against government entities, and instead against individuals who may be liable in an accident. this could be the other driver or the driver in your vehicle.

Give our Sacramento car accident attorneys a call today to discuss your potential passenger injury claim. Our attorneys are able to assist you 24/7. We also have a convenient Sacramento office where you could ask our attorneys and legal staff any questions, and schedule a free one-on-one consultation with us.

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