Sacramento Bus Accident Leaving 19 Inmates Injured

Sacramento Bus Accident Leaving 19 Inmates Injured

On May 19th 2023, 19 inmates were injured after another vehicle collided with their bus in downtown Sacramento. The accident occurred a couple of minutes away from Sacramento County main jail. The white car was on the way to the jail when a vehicle ran a red light and collided with the inmate bus.

There were around 23 passengers on board. The passengers were inmates, and three were taken to a hospital. The accident occurred between the 5th Street and I street. There was severe damage to both vehicles. A medical doctor appeared on the scene to make sure that all of the passengers involved were not severely hurt. The doctor also determined that some inmates needed to be taken to the hospital for further review. The roads were closed for several hours after the incident so the Sacramento Police Department could clean the area and took pictures of the accident scene.

Bus accidents could be very dangerous, especially because passengers on a bus may not have seat belts on. When a bus collides with another standard-size vehicle, accidents could be very severe and leave the passengers with lifelong injuries.

This is not the first time there has been a major bus accident in Sacramento. If you have been involved in a bus accident in Sacramento, whether you were a passenger on the bus or another vehicle that a bus collided with, you have the right to file a lawsuit. Contact our attorneys today for more information on bus accident lawsuits, and to discuss your specific bus accident case.

Three inmates who are passengers of the bus were taken to a hospital, but there were no life-threatening injuries reported. The other vehicle that ran a red light was a Tesla who was traveling west. The Tesla collided with the bus right at the center of the bus. The driver of the Tesla appeared unharmed and has not sustained life-threatening injuries. The Sacramento Police Department is currently investigating the circumstances of this accident.

A common cause of accidents in Sacramento is speeding. When vehicles speed, drivers do not have enough time to slow down or come to a complete stop in the event that there is another vehicle or a pedestrian in front of them. Sometimes, there may be passengers crossing the street, especially at unmarked crosswalks. This could be especially dangerous not only for the pedestrian but also for the driver that is speeding.

Car accidents are not so clear and may require months of Investigation by a highly qualified Sacramento attorney. Our accident attorneys in Sacramento have decades of experience investigating the circumstances surrounding all different types of vehicle accidents, including truck accidents, car accidents, bus accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

Besides investigating the accident, several different witnesses and experts must also be contacted to piece together exactly what happened and who the liable parties may be. The more evidence you have, the more successful you will be in a lawsuit.

Make sure that you have the right legal representation in the event that you decide to file a lawsuit against the responsible party for the injuries that you have sustained. Our attorneys are available to help you 24/7. Our Sacramento accident attorneys have offices all across California, and especially in Sacramento.

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