Seniors And Car Accidents

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It could be very difficult to recoup from a car accident injury, especially if the injuries suffered are severe. It could take months, even years to recover from a car accident injury. Those that belong in highly susceptible groups, such as young children or older adults are more likely to suffer severe injuries and have long-lasting effects.

It could be especially hard for a senior to recover from their injuries after a car accident. It is important to have an experienced car accident attorney in mind in the unfortunate event that you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident. Unfortunately, car accidents are bound to happen. But, you could be prepared by having a top rated car accident attorney on speed dial in the case that you need legal assistance.


  • The majority of accidents involving elderly drivers occur during the day
  • Around 15% of all traffic fatalities involve accidents with drivers more than 65 years of age
  • Older drivers are least likely to get into drunk driving accidents
  • According to the CDC, in 2020 there were 422 non traffic deaths that involved older adults
  • There were 500 motorcyclist deaths that involved older adults
  • There were 1,500 pedestrian traffic deaths that involved older adults
  • There were 1,600 vehicle occupants traffic deaths that involved older adults
  • The number of older adult fatalities has been at a steady decline with each year, however the numbers are still increasingly high

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are around 6,000 people each year that passed away from car accidents and belong to the senior age group. Unfortunately, elderly drivers are more likely to suffer severe injuries. It is sometimes difficult to file a lawsuit against another party for injuries because the at fault party may raise the defense that the injured person was already coping with pre existing injuries and conditions. However, it takes a very skilled and experienced car accident attorney to address all those defenses and make sure that the victim recovers for their injuries.

Seniors And Car Accidents

Why do car accidents with elderly drivers occur?

Car accidents are more likely to occur with young adults and elderly drivers due to a variety of factors, this includes:

  • Distracted driving: nowadays, texting and driving has become very prevalent in younger adults and elderly seniors
  • Vision problems: after a certain age, many start to experience vision problems and blurriness, which could cause car accidents
  • Poor muscle health: poor muscle health could lead to slower reflexes. For example, in the case of stop-and-go traffic, the elderly driver may not be able to come to a complete stop in time

Is there an age limit on driver's license in California?

In California, there is no specific age limit that is set that limits when a driver could drive on the road. However, in California, those that are above the age of 70 years old must have to come to the DMV personally to renew their license, and take a visual and a written driver’s license test. A physician could also require their patient to take a driver’s license test in the case that they suspect their patient is not able to drive anymore.

What if I was not at fault for the accident?

If the accident was caused by another driver, and you were considered the elderly driver, you may hold the at fault party responsible for the injuries you have suffered. Fortunately, California has several senior friendly laws that allow seniors to file lawsuits against at fault parties. For more information on how to file a lawsuit against the at fault party, contact our attorneys today for a free consultation. It does not hurt to speak to one of our attorneys, especially because we do not charge anybody for initial consultations. Instead, during this initial consultation, we will review all the details involving your car accident to determine exactly what steps you must take to make sure that you get the legal help you deserve.

Are there driver's license restrictions in California?

In California, the DMV can put restrictions on a person’s license. Especially if that person is elderly, and has vision problems, the DMV could place restrictions on when they can drive their vehicle. For example, common restrictions that elderly drivers may have on their driver’s license include:

  • No driving on the freeway
  • No night time driving
  • No driving in crowded cities
  • Adding an additional mirror

Regardless of the injuries you have suffered, and the age of every party involved, you should be able to recover compensation for another party’s negligence.

Elderly Driver Car Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident with an elderly driver, contact our attorneys today to see how we can file a lawsuit against them in court for their negligent driving. In California, each driver has a duty to make sure that they drive in a reasonably safe manner. This means that if the driver is elderly, they have a responsibility for making sure that they drive in a safe manner to prevent any injuries. This means making sure that none of their prescribed medication causes any side effects, and they maintain their vision prescriptions.

Due to several different types of factors, such as changes in vision, strong medication, physical pain and functioning, older adults are more likely to be injured in a car accident. Whether you caused the accident, or were involved in an accident caused by an elderly driver, you may have some medical bills that must be compensated. Each circumstance is different, and so to better get an idea about your car accident case, contact our attorneys today for a free consultation.

How to prevent car accidents involving seniors:

  • Always make sure drivers and passengers are wearing their seatbelt
  • Drive your vehicle during safe weather conditions
  • Do not drive while distracted
  • Consider using other modes of transportation, such as Uber, Lyft, buses, or trains
  • Do not get behind the vehicle after starting new prescription medication
  • Plan your trip prior to getting on the road
  • Always make sure that you have your yearly eye check
  • Avoid listening to loud music
  • Always look in your rear mirrors prior to making any turns
  • Avoid eating while driving
  • Always make sure there is enough space between you and another vehicle
  • Do not drive while drunk

Our car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis, and understand that no person involved in an accident and they have all the funding necessary to hire an attorney. That is why we only collect compensation if we win compensation in our client’s favor. Meaning that we only deduct a percentage of the settlement or judgment that we win in our client’s favor. For more information, contact our experienced Los Angeles legal team today. You do not have to feel alone in stressful times such as car accidents.

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