What Happens After A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury is a very severe injury that could be caused when there is an abrupt force to someone’s head. There are several different causes to traumatic brain injuries, including car accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, etc. If you or a loved one have suffered traumatic brain injuries from an accident, you have the right to hold the responsible party liable for your injuries suffered. There’s a variety of different damages you could recover, but the circumstances depend on your case. For more information on the different types of compensation you could recover for your traumatic brain injury, contact our top-rated car accident attorneys today.

Traumatic brain injuries could have several different types of long-term consequences. For example, these consequences could lead to permanent disability, and essentially make the person unable to ever return back to normal life. Traumatic brain injury should not be taken lightly, and may require lifelong medical treatment. This later makes the body more susceptible to neurodegenerative problems.

Brain injury

What is traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries occur when there is an abrupt force to the brain caused by an external below. This later disrupts all types of brain activity. Traumatic brain injuries are very difficult to treat in the medical community, especially because traumatic brain injuries could lead to physical, social, emotional, and psychological problems. Our brain is the most complex organ, and any injury to it could be very difficult to treat. There are around 2 million Americans that experience some type of accident that causes a traumatic brain injury. Young children and older adults are more likely to experience traumatic brain injury and permanent disability.

What are the different effects a traumatic brain injury may have?

  • Skeletal problems: neural signals are sent from the brain to organs for bone regulation. There have been several studies that have found a decrease in bone mass, along with improper bone maintenance caused by a traumatic brain injury. There is a lack of cells in the neuroendocrine regulation of bone maintenance. This could later lead to broken bones.

  • Neurological disorders: the majority of those who have experienced traumatic brain injury have experienced emotional distress. One of the most common types of neurological trauma that stem from traumatic brain injuries is PTSD. Those who have suffered  brain injuries are also found to be more likely to resort to substance abuse. Victims battle with constant emotional distress, and are more likely to make very poor decisions.

  • Neurodegenerative diseases: those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, even if it is mild, have experienced motor deficits. The most common types of diseases include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  • Shorter life span: those who have experienced traumatic brain injuries have a shorter life expectancy. Studies have found that those who have experienced brain injuries were 8 times more likely to pass away earlier compared to someone who does not have a brain injury.

  • Vision problems: if the nerves in the brain are damaged, it could lead to poor vision.

  • Migraines and headaches: these are one of the most common types of symptoms suffered by traumatic brain injury victims. This is usually an early indication that the victim has a brain injury after an accident. That is why we advise everyone who has been involved in an accident to seek medical care immediately.

  • Balance: those with brain injuries may be unable to balance. This could lead to several different types of accidents, such as making the victim more susceptible to slip and fall accidents.

  • Confusion: confusion is one of the biggest indicators of a brain injury. Many who have suffered brain injuries are confused and may suffer short-term memory loss, questioning the people in the circumstances around them.

  • Concentration: it is more difficult to concentrate with a traumatic brain injury when compared to those who do not have a brain injury. This may make the victim become disoriented and frustrated.

  • Loss of consciousness: those who have experienced brain injuries may deal with future problems of consciousness. For example, seizures are very common symptoms of traumatic brain injuries.

What should I do after a traumatic brain injury?

After being involved in any type of accident with force onto your head, you should seek medical care immediately. It is very important that you are examined by a medical professional. Even if you believe that you have not suffered any type of pain, it is very important that you are evaluated properly. A traumatic brain injury symptom may not become apparent until days, maybe even weeks after an accident.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, the medical professional will most likely use imaging to determine the force of impact. This most likely is done through an MRI. After evaluation, the medical professional will determine the severity of the injury, along with the best treatment plan. Usually, serious traumatic brain injuries will require years and years of treatment.

What type of compensation could I recover for my permanent traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic brain injuries could have lifelong consequences. Below are the different types of compensation one could receive from a traumatic brain injury lawsuit:

  • Lost wages: Usually, those who have suffered traumatic brain injury will be unable to return back to work.

  • Future lost wages: the family of the victim will experience a loss of income, and this is recoverable from the liable party.

  • Medical bills: extensive MRIs and CT scans are needed to maintain the brain’s condition. This will cost thousands of dollars in medical bills that should be compensated from the defendant.

  • Emotional distress: suffering a traumatic brain injury is a very difficult process, and may cause anxiety and depression to the victim.

Have you experienced a traumatic brain injury?

If you or a loved one have experienced a traumatic brain injury because of another’s negligence, you are not alone. Our car accident attorneys are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding a potential lawsuit. We always want to make sure that those who are responsible for such severe injuries are held accountable.

Traumatic brain injuries could result in several thousands of dollars of compensation that should be recovered from the negligent party. Almost everyone who has experienced a TBI will not be able to function and move on with their daily life properly.

Do I need a traumatic brain injury attorney?

If you have suffered any type of injury caused by another party’s negligence, you need immediate legal care. If you are not represented by an experienced attorney, the defendant and insurance representatives will most likely try to take advantage of your condition and offer a law settlement amount. Although this amount may seem large at first, it most likely will not take into consideration any future treatments that you may need.

Our Injury attorneys are available for a free no risk consultation. During this consultation, we will review the merits of your claim and determine what type of compensation you could receive. It is very important that you act as quickly as possible because traumatic brain injuries need immediate medical treatment, and will most likely need treatment for several years later. We know how devastating this may be, so let our attorneys handle it for you.

Having a trusted attorney is one of the best things you can do if you have suffered a brain injury. You want to make sure that you have a top-rated accident attorney on your side who can fight for you every step of the way. It is also important that you contact an attorney as soon as you have suffered an injury. There is a statute of limitations that restricts the time a victim may have to file a lawsuit against the defendant. In California, the statute of limitations is 2 years from the date of the accident. This means that as soon as the accident occurs and you have suffered an injury, you have two years to file a lawsuit against the defendant. If you file the lawsuit too late, you will most likely lose your right to file and seek compensation.

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