Moreno Valley Car Accident Attorneys

Moreno Valley Car Accident Attorneys

Moreno Valley Car Accident Attorneys

If you have been involved in a car accident in Moreno Valley, give our attorneys a call today to discuss how you could get compensated for your injuries. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why car accidents occur in Moreno Valley,  and car accidents in Moreno Valley tend to result in severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Unfortunately, a car accident can leave an accident victim helpless, and scattered looking for what to do next.

After experiencing a car accident in Moreno Valley, you should get medical care as soon as possible. The injuries could leave you in pain, or numbness that you may have to deal with for the rest of your life if not treated immediately. Each type of accident leads to a different type of injury, so you must get medically evaluated.

You should also take photos of the accident location to help our attorneys piece together exactly how the accident may have taken place. After a car accident in Moreno Valley, the cars are usually cleared out, along with any debris or skid marks. These are very important when piecing together the cause of the accident, especially if the negligent party is denying any liability. The more photos and videos you take, the better it is for your case.

Finally, after experiencing a car accident in Moreno Valley, hiring an experienced Moreno Valley lawyer should be at the top of your list. Our Moreno Valley car accident attorneys have a successful track record holding negligent parties accountable for any damage or injuries they have caused from car accidents. We are also available via phone, email, chat, and even in person that are offices to address any questions you may have or for any case reviews.

We offer complimentary case reviews to discuss your potential car accident lawsuit. A case review is a great opportunity to get to know our attorneys and ask any questions that concern your case.

What are the common causes of car accidents in Moreno Valley?

According to the California Highway Patrol, there are several causes of car accidents in Moreno Valley. The unfortunate part is all of these could be prevented. But, drivers are still very likely to drive negligently. The most common causes of car accidents include:

  • Speeding: speeding is very common throughout Moreno Valley, and could lead to significant collisions when a driver does not come to a complete stop in time. When a driver is speeding, they do not have adequate time to stop or slow down if there are objects on the road or vehicles traffic slows down.

  • Distracted driving: this is very common among younger drivers who use their cell phones behind the wheel. When a driver is not paying attention to other vehicles around them, the likelihood of a collision is very high. Distracted driving is also associated with rollover accidents.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs: Moreno Valley faces high rates of drunk driving arrests compared to other cities in California. Drunk driving could not only have civil repercussions but could also lead to criminal penalties, such as fines and jail time.

  • Inexperienced drivers: and experienced drivers are more likely to drive on riverside roads during the holidays as many people visit from out of town. Unfortunately, if an experienced driver is not too familiar with the roads, they may drive in the opposite direction or may not follow proper driving rules leading to an accident

What kind of damages could I be compensated for in my Moreno Valley car accident?

There are several different types of damages you could be compensated for in your Moreno Valley car accident lawsuit or claim. Damages available could include:

  • hospital stay costs
  • medication
  • physical therapy
  • at-home medical care
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of income
  • lost wages
  • punitive damages
  • damage to your vehicle
  • attorney’s fees

To see what type of damages you could recover for your accident claim, talk to our car accident attorneys for more information. We are readily available to help our clients get the help that they need.

What will our Moreno Valley Megeredchian law attorneys do?

If you have been injured in any type of accident and Moreno Valley, including pedestrian accidents, bus accidents, workplace accidents, train accidents, bicycle accidents, etc our attorneys are here to help. The best thing you could do for yourself and your case is to hire an experienced and highly rated Moreno Valley lawyer near you. Our attorneys will be by your side every step of the way, and just some steps we take include:

  • Investigating your car accident to strengthen your claim: the stronger your claim, the more likely you can get compensation. Our attorneys will begin working and investigating your accident right away to determine who the responsible party is and how the accident may have taken place. Examples of documents and pieces of evidence that help include photos of the accident location, photos of any property damage, medical records, accident reports, and police reports.

  • We will negotiate with insurance companies to make sure that you get the maximum compensation available to you. It takes an aggressive and experienced attorney to go up against these large insurance companies, especially if these insurance companies are denying any payouts.

  • If your case were to go to trial, our car accident attorneys are also available to represent you in court.

  • Contact us today to get started on your car accident claim.


How can I prevent a car accident in Moreno Valley?

There are some steps you could take to avoid a car accident in Moreno Valley. Below are some examples of preventative measures:

  • Make sure that you drive a reasonable and safe speed limit. You must take your time, and keep calm and cool especially when some aggressive drivers and drivers are speeding.

  • Keep a distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. This is to prevent any rear-end collisions.

  • Make sure that you avoid all distractions while driving. This includes making sure that you are off your phone and do not eat behind the wheel.

Although there are some steps you could take to prevent an accident, accidents are still likely to occur in Moreno Valley. The reason why accidents are very high and Moreno Valley is because Moreno Valley connects several different cities, including Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Because of this, there are several drivers, especially commercial truck drivers out on the road.

How much could I receive from my Moreno Valley car accident case?

To determine the value of your Moreno Valley car accident claim, our attorneys will have to get all the details necessary involving your car accident. We will then be able to determine how much your cases are worth. For example, large factors that determine how much those cases are worth include the severity of your injuries, whether you saw any medical treatment, any other parties that could be held responsible, and the liability of each party.

Moreno Valley Car Accident Attorneys

Our Moreno Valley car accident attorneys are ready to help you with your case from beginning to end. We want to make sure that our clients get compensated, whether it is through a judgment or a settlement. Moreno Valley is located in Riverside County, and our attorneys have exceptional experience in Moreno Valley courts.]

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