California School Injury Attorneys

California School Injury Attorneys

California School Injury Attorneys

If you or your child has been injured while at school, contact our accident attorneys today for assistance with your claim.

When dropping your child off at school, you have an expectation that the school has a duty to care for your child. California laws impose a duty onto all daycares and schools to make sure that children are cared for in a reasonably safe manner. As long as the child is on the school premises, the school has the responsibility and duty of making sure that they take all the necessary precautions to prevent any accidents. If an accident were to happen at school or a daycare center, the parent has a right to file a lawsuit against the school for compensation for their child’s injuries.

Children who are involved in accidents are more likely to suffer severe injuries compared to older adults. The reason for this is because young children do not have fully developed bones that are capable of withstanding severe accidents. Examples of injuries that your child could suffer in an accident at school may include:

  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Scoring
  • Disfigurement
  • Bruising
  • Internal bleeding

Our accident attorneys have been representing young children who have been injured in accidents for decades.  Our top rated accident attorneys in Los Angeles know exactly what to do in the case that your child has been injured. We pursue compensation against at-fault parties to make sure that young children are not scarred forever. With permanent injuries, comes emotional distress, which is exceptionally severe when the child is at a young tender age. The child may develop several emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. A child may feel nervous, or even scared to go back to school and resume regular life, especially if they have suffered permanent disfigurement or scarring. That transition from going back to school after taking time off for injuries could be very brutal, not only for the child, but also for the parent.

Why should you hire our school accident attorneys?

  • Our attorneys are well experienced in all cases involving school accidents, whether it involves daycare centers, after-school care centers, after school sport activities, sports teams, etc.

  • Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, and we do not collect any money upfront until we win a settlement or a judgment amount. We always work to make sure that our clients are well taken care of, and we understand that our clients may not have the fees necessary to pay for all court costs. We front all the costs necessary.

  • Our attorneys review your case initially during our free no risk consultations to determine who is the liable party.

  • Our attorneys are committed to making sure that our clients not only get the justice they deserve, but also the compensation they deserve.

  • Our attorneys aggressively negotiate and fight for our clients, whether it involves an insurance company, or dealing with the school itself.

What are examples of lawsuits involving schools?

  • Improper supervision: the school has a duty to hire security guards and install security systems to prevent any accidents caused by improper supervision. This is especially important for young toddlers at daycare centers. They must be closely monitored at all times. When the daycare center fails to have adequate monitors at school, they could be held liable under a negligence claim.

  • Injuries during field trips: field trips could be a very exciting time for children and students, but it could get very difficult to manage and monitor the children at all times. That is why schools should have specific safety measures in place, such as placing all the children in different groups to closely monitor them or hiring extra supervision that day. If your child has been injured while on a field trip, contact our school accident attorneys today to see how you could recover compensation.

  • Sexual harassment: schools have a duty to make sure that their employees do not engage in improper behavior such as sexual harassment. When the employees engage in such behavior, they could hold the school responsible. If the school was made aware of the teachers improper actions in the past, yet failed to take any remedial measures, such as firing the employee or educating the employee, they could be held liable.

  • Physical punishment: in California, it is illegal for a daycare center, a teacher, a volunteer, to physically hurt or assault a child at school as a form of punishment. If your child has been physically injured by their teacher, call our experienced attorneys today.

  • Bullying: this is one of the most common instances where a school could be held liable. Although the bully may be a student of the school, the school may also be held liable in instances of bullying if the school knew about the bully’s threats or dangerous behavior. If your child has been injured by a bully, you could also hold the school liable for improper supervision. Contact us today to see how we can do that.

  • Gym equipment: almost every school is required to have gym classes for their students. In very rare occurrences, the gym equipment could be improperly maintained or faulty. If the gym equipment is not maintained properly, then the school will most likely be held liable for improper maintenance. A school has a duty to make sure that all of their equipment is properly updated and cared for. If your child was injured by gym equipment that was defective, then you could hold the product manufacturer responsible. 

Who is liable if my child is hurt at school?

If your child was hurt at school, or harmed by another party, then the school will most likely be liable.  Whether your child was hurt by another bully, equipment, or a teacher, you could still hold the school responsible for negligent hiring or supervision. One of the most common lawsuits that involve the school are when the school fails to take any action, and aggravates the injury. For example, if the school knew about a teacher’s abusive tendencies, yet still hired them anyways, they could be held responsible.

Call us today if your son or daughter has been injured at school, after-school activity, daycare, etc. If your child was under the care and supervision of another party, and they have now suffered damages, you could hold the other party responsible. We know that this could be a devastating time for you as you try to assist your child and help them through the pain and trauma. We want to make sure that we are always there for our clients, and fight for their rights. Call us today for an initial free consultation.

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