Glendale Accident Map

Accidents occur on a daily basis all around us. In fact, over 14,000 car accidents have occured in Glendale over the span of the last five years. While Glendale is by no means the most dangerous city for California drivers, it certainly is not the safest either. The Glendale accident map highlights where every accident has occurred within the past five years.

Goal Of The Accident Map

The accident map was built with the intention of alerting the public to just how dangerous driving on Glendale roads can be. The map is updated on an annual basis to ensure accident and road improvement trends are continually tracked and visually represented.

We hope that visualizing accident data will help everyone to understand which roads need additional attention and care. The first step to reducing accidents is being able to understand where they’re occurring and why.

How To Interact With The Map

  • Use your finger or mouse to zoom and scroll around the city.
  • Use the legend to the right to filter accident data by year and view the top 10 most dangerous intersections. Accident data is color coded by year.

Most Dangerous Intersections In Glendale (5 Year Totals)

Intersection Total Number of Accidents
Brand Blvd. & Sanchez Dr.67
Brand Blvd. & Goode Ave.67
Colorado St. & Brand Blvd.59
Glenoaks Blvd. & Western Ave.59
Glendale Ave. & Wilson Ave.58
Honolulu Ave. & Lowell Ave.54
Chevy Chase Dr. & Glendale Ave.53
San Fernando Rd. & Western Ave.48
Verdugo Rd. & Colorado St.47
Glendale Ave. & Broadway47

Most Dangerous Intersections In Glendale 2017

Intersection Total Number of Accidents In 2017
Brand Blvd. & Sanchez Dr.20
Verdugo Rd. & Colorado St.13
Chevy Chase Dr. & Brand Blvd.12
Colorado St. & Brand Blvd.12
Glendale Ave. & Colorado St.12
Glendale Ave. & Wilson Ave.11
Honolulu Ave. & Lowell Ave.11
Brand Blvd. & Goode Ave.11
Brand Blvd. & California Ave.10
Central Ave. & Goode Ave.10
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Client spent 3 days in the ICU after he was rear-ended off-road and into the ditch. They had no broken bones.


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Brand Blvd. & Sanchez Dr. | 20 Accidents

The intersection of Brand Boulevard and Sanchez Drive was not only the most dangerous intersection in 2017, but it is also the site of over 60 accidents in the past five years. The intersection is home to an on-ramp for Ventura Freeway, which is likely a large contributing factor for accidents.

Verdugo Rd. & Colorado St. | 13 Accidents

Verdugo Road is one of the larger transportation arteries on the east side of the city. A number of strip mall shops line the intersection which makes it a popular area to commute through.

Chevy Chase Dr. & Brand Blvd. | 12 Accidents

Chevy Chase Drive is one of the larger east-west streets to intersect Brand Boulevard. The junction was home to 12 accidents in 2017.

Colorado St. & Brand Blvd. | 12 Accidents

The intersection of Colorado St. & Brand Blvd. sits just eight blocks away north of Chevy Chase Dr. & Brand Blvd. There were a total of 12 accidents at the intersection in 2017 and the intersection ranks as the third most dangerous intersection in terms of total accidents in the past five years.

Glendale Ave. & Colorado St. | 12 Accidents

Yet another dangerous intersection sits just a block east of Colorado St. & Brand Blvd. Glendale Avenue & Colorado Street was home to 12 accidents in 2017.

Glendale Ave. & Wilson Ave. | 11 Accidents

Glendale Avenue & Wilson Avenue sits in the heart of downtown. Glendale Avenue is one of the largest south-north streets in the city and is heavily trafficked at all hours of the day. Thus, it makes sense that the intersection happens to be one of the more dangerous intersections in the city. The crossroads was home to 11 accidents in 2017.

Honolulu Ave. & Lowell Ave. | 11 Accidents

Honolulu Ave. & Lowell Ave. sits just off of Foothill Freeway. The intersection is both heavily trafficked and highly dangerous. The intersection is currently the sixth most dangerous intersection in terms of accident totals for the past five years with 11 accidents occuring in 2017.

Brand Blvd. & Goode Ave. | 11 Accidents

Like a few intersections on the list, Brand Boulevard and Goode Ave. sits right off of a freeway. The intersection is home to an off-ramp for Ventura Freeway and is heavily trafficked at all hours of the day.

Brand Blvd. & California Ave. | 10 Accidents

As the main street for Glendale, Brand Boulevard is a major artery for Glendale motor transportation. Thus, it’s no surprise that Brand Boulevard ranks in five of the top 10 worst intersections for 2017 and three of the top 10 worst intersections for the past 5 years. The crossroads of Brand Blvd. & California Ave. were home to 10 accidents in 2017.

Central Ave. & Goode Ave. | 10 Accidents

Central Ave. & Goode Ave. is positioned just one block away from Brand Blvd. & Goode Ave., which sits as the seventh most dangerous intersection. While Brand Blvd. & Goode Ave. services an off-ramp for Ventura Freeway, Central Ave. & Goode Ave. provides an on-ramp to the freeway. A total of 10 accidents occurred at the intersection in 2017.

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Vigilance Is Key To Accident Prevention

In the past few years, Glendale has earned a number of state grants, which have fueled several city safety initiatives. Traffic safety has improved drastically in the past decade, but there is still a wealth of work to be done. Moreover, improving road infrastructure is only a portion of the safety equation. The most important thing drivers can do to prevent accidents is remain vigilant.

Driver inattention plays a role in 80% of all vehicle crashes in some way, shape, or form. Worse, 40% of California drivers admit to checking texts or emails while driving. All it takes is four seconds of inattention for an accident to occur. For the sake of your life and the lives of those you share the road with, it’s imperative you remain focused on the road at all times while behind the wheel.

When An Accident Occurs, Megeredchian Law Is Here

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