Simi Valley Car Accident Attorneys

Simi Valley Car Accident Attorneys

Car Accident Attorneys In Simi Valley

Simi Valley, California had around  300 car accident fatalities in a single year according to the Office of Traffic and Safety. Among these 300, 30 involved alcohol. Five of these fatalities involved motorcycles, 25 of these fatalities involved pedestrians, and 33 of these fatalities involved bicyclists. Unfortunately, pedestrian and bicycle accidents are very common in Simi Valley. The reason for this may be that several drivers are speeding on the road and may be unable to come to a complete stop if a bicyclist or a pedestrian is crossing the road.

If you have been involved in a car accident in Simi Valley, give us a call today. Whether you were a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist, you still have the right to recover compensation if you have been injured by another party’s negligence. Negligence is proven through various elements, and a Simi Valley car accident attorneys is needed on your side to make sure that you get proper compensation.

What causes car accidents in Simi Valley?

The top two causes of car accidents in Simi Valley are speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


49 out of the 300 fatalities in Simi Valley were speed-related. This is a huge percentage of the fatalities, and speeding has led to permanent injuries like traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries for those accident victims who have made it out alive. If you have been involved in an accident where another driver was speeding, you may be able to prove that the other driver was responsible for your accident. Give us a call today to discuss how you could get compensated for the injuries you have suffered caused by the other party. To have a successful car accident  lawsuit against another party for speeding, you must show:

  • The other party had a duty to drive safely. This duty extends to all others on the road, including other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. This duty also includes driving within a safe speed limit and not going above the speed limit.

  • The other party failed to adhere to this duty. This means that the party violated this duty by speeding or driving unsafely.

  • Because the other party failed to follow this duty, an accident resulted. There needs to be a connection between the violation and the accident.

  • The accident led to injuries, which need to be compensated back to the plaintiff.

 This set of elements seems to be very straightforward but requires an extensive amount of legal research and investigation. We recommend that you speak to our attorneys and schedule a consultation to discuss your specific Simi Valley car accident lawsuit.

Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol and/or Drugsl

There were around 400 DUI arrests made in a single year in Simi Valley. This is one of the highest rates compared to other cities in California. If you have been injured by another drunk driver, there are some elements that you must have to prove to have a successful Simi Valley car accident lawsuit. These elements include proving:

  • The drunk driver had a duty to drive safely, and to not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This duty is also created through criminal and civil laws.

  • The drunk driver failed to follow this duty when they chose to get behind the wheel under the influence.

  • Because the drunk driver got behind the wheel under the influence, which then led to a car accident.

  • Now the plaintiff has suffered extensive injuries caused by the drunk driver.

Why should you hire our Simi Valley car accident attorneys?

  • Our car accident attorneys have a successful track record in holding other negligent parties accountable for our client’s injuries. We believe that negligent parties should compensate our clients for their actions and the injuries that they have caused.

  • We have won a substantial amount of settlements and judgment verdicts for our clients and have experience dedicated to all different types of accidents in Simi Valley.

  • Other than our experience, we have local offices to make sure that we can be easily reached by our clients. We know that sometimes it could be very difficult to deal with other attorneys, especially when trying to reach them. We are always available 24/7 and will make sure that we can keep our clients updated every step of the way.

  • Our Simi Valley car accident attorneys know just what it takes to have a lawsuit in Simi Valley. We have dealt with Simi Valley courts and judges for several decades now, and are well versed in Simi Valley law and regulations. Make sure that you have an attorney that is from your city, and give us a call today to discuss.

What should I do after a car accident and Simi Valley?

After a car accident in Simi Valley, you should take the below steps:

  • Get medical attention immediately. After a car accident, the thrill and rush of the accident could leave you not feeling any injuries. But, you may feel pain or numbness hours or days after the accident. You should get evaluated by a medical provider immediately.

  • Take photos of the vehicle end of the accident location. The more photos that you take, the more it could help our attorneys understand what happened and who the responsible parties could be for this accident.

  • Get the personal information of all parties involved. After an accident, a hit-and-run possibility is still present. Many drivers may run away from the accident scene because they do not have insurance or are afraid of the repercussions. Make sure that you get the other party’s driver’s license information and insurance information as soon as possible.

Contact our car accident attorneys to make sure that you get the compensation you need for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any property damage that you may have suffered. We work tirelessly to make sure that our clients receive compensation for their financial losses.

Simi Valley Car Accident Attorneys

Our attorneys are available to help you 24/7 and can answer any questions or concerns you may have with your Simi Valley car accident case. Give us a call today to schedule your one-on-one and discuss your Simi Valley car accident lawsuit.

No matter what type of accident you have been involved in, you should still contact our law firm. We have several different attorneys who have expertise in different kinds of accidents, ranging from motorcycle accidents to truck accidents to even workplace accidents. We know all the difficulties that you may have to go through after an accident. For example, not only will you have to deal with the medical bills, but you will also have to deal with time out of work, along with any emotional trauma.

That is why our attorneys do not charge a single dollar upfront to represent our clients. We take on our clients’ cases without any upfront attorney fees. We do not charge our clients until we win financial recovery, which includes a judgment or a settlement. This allows our attorneys to take on your case confidently, without you having to stress about any costs.


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