Tire Blowout Accidents

It could be one of the most frightening situations to be in when your tire blows out on the freeway, and you then lose control of your car. When a car’s tire is popped, the car may swerve in and out of lanes and this may result in a car accident with another vehicle. Tire blowout accidents can result in severe injuries, and so it is very important that you have the right attorney if you have been involved with another vehicle that experienced a tire blowout.

What is a tire blow out?

A tire blowout occurs when a tire loses air pressure very quickly. When the tire loses pressure, a vehicle can abruptly slow down or get pulled towards one side depending on how the tire popped. When a tire blowout occurs, the driver of the vehicle most likely loses control of their car. Since they lose control of the vehicle, an accident is very likely to occur.

Tire blowouts can cause various different types of accidents. These include:

  • One vehicle accident: this occurs when the car is self-driven towards the center divider and sustains serious damage.
  • Multiple vehicle accident: this occurs when the car swerves on to other oncoming vehicles, and collides with another vehicle. This is likely to occur on freeways where cars are traveling at high speeds, or during times of traffic such as the hours between 5 to 7 p.m.

What causes tire blowout accidents?

Tire blowout accidents could happen to any vehicle at any time. But there are some specific circumstances that could result in a tire blowout. These include:

  • Old tires: tires expand and contract depending on the weather conditions. They constantly must be maintained since a tire can wear down after a couple thousand miles. Always making sure the tire’s air pressure is steady, and the tire has deep treads. Tire blowouts usually occur with older tires that have been worn down.

  • Potholes: sometimes, as one is driving on the freeway or road, the tire could pop or blow out from a bump in the road or driving onto something sharp. Usually, the driver may not realize that the tire has popped until a couple miles after driving over the area.

  • Heavy vehicles: there is a maximum number of pounds each vehicle could carry. When a vehicle has more than the allowed weight, a tire blowout is likely to occur. This includes passenger weight and cargo weight. For example, if you have 10 passengers squished together in a sedan, a tire blowout is likely to occur. Not only is it dangerous to have more than the allowed passengers, but the risk of running into an accident is very high.

  • Punctures: when a tire drives over a sharp object, such as a nail, the tire could get punctured. Air could leave the tire at a rapid rate. This then could result in a tire blowout.

Does an insurance company cover tire blowouts?

If you were the one that suffered a tire blow out, and caused an accident, whether it was a single-vehicle accident or a multiple vehicle accident, you may be able to file a claim with your insurance company for injuries and damages suffered, not only by you but also from the other party.

An insurance company could pay for a variety of damages, which could include:

  • Car repair: you are able to get compensated for the amount of damage that your vehicle suffered from the tire blowout. For example, if you were involved in a single-vehicle accident, and your vehicle struck another object on the road, you are able to get compensated for these damages.

  • Towing: when you have suffered a tire blowout, you most likely will need your vehicle towed to the nearest repair place to have the tire repaired. In certain circumstances if the tire blowout was severe, then the rim of the wheel also may have been damaged. This will require extensive repairs that could possibly take several days, or even weeks.

  • Injuries to other parties: if you cause an accident that involves another vehicle, your insurance company could pay for the other party’s injuries that they have suffered.

  • Damage to other party’s vehicle: if the tire blowout causes an accident with another vehicle, then the other party will also be able to get compensated for damage done to their vehicle.

If you have experienced a tire blowout accident, whether it was a single-vehicle accident, or a multiple vehicle accident, contact our car accident attorneys to see what the best steps should be in your case. Each driver in California is required to have car insurance, and the amount of coverage depends on the car insurance that the driver has paid for. To review your car insurance coverage and contract, give our car accident attorneys a call today.

What if I have been hit by another vehicle who had a tire blow out?

You could recover a variety of damages if you have been injured by another vehicle who experienced a tire blowout. In California, you have the right to get compensated from a negligent driver who caused a car accident. Different types of damages include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Future lost income
  • Pain and suffering

These damages differ depending on the circumstances of the accident and the severity of your injuries. If you have suffered severe injuries, then you most likely will be able to recover more in compensation compared to another party that may not have suffered damages.

How to prevent a tire blowout accident?

  • Constantly make sure your tires have enough air
  • Replace your tires after a certain number of miles
  • Drive in a safe manner, this means refrain from speeding on the freeway
  • Always make sure that you pay attention to other vehicles and drivers around you

Give our car accident attorneys a call today if you have been involved in a car accident caused by a tire blowout. Whether you were the driver of the vehicle that experienced a tire blowout or were injured by another car that experienced a tire blowout, our attorneys are ready and here for you every step of the way. Give our Megeredchian Law attorneys a call today. Our car accident attorneys are on standby and ready to help you throughout the process. We are always available 24/7 for any questions or concerns you may have with your case. Our well qualified attorneys will work to make sure that you get compensated for your injuries. Give us a call today to discuss your case.

Our car accident attorneys will only get compensated if we win money for you. Call us today to get compensated for your injuries. You deserve a highly qualified attorney on your side that has decades of experience. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

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